Buying Process


Our Buying Process

Getting To Know

This is a vital step that most agents skip over. You'll find that I am very personable and intentional. Getting to know your hobbies, desired school district and personal preferences is essential in finding "that perfect place". You'll be asked a series of very important questions to ensure that we can place you in the best home in the area that is perfect for the lifestyle that you've been searching for.

Hire An Agent

Once you decide you're ready to take the first step in becoming a homeowner, simply reach out to me. I went through specialized training to become expert on the local markets, contracts, and negotiations with sellers to get you the best deal possible.

Find The Perfect Home

Ahh, the exciting part. You've gotten pre-approved to purchase a home, you've found a great agent, and you're ready to start shopping! You're agent will do an in-depth analysis on which homes look like a great fit for you and will send them to you. If you happen to find a few homes on your own then, great! Send them to your agent. After you and your agent narrow down the list, you'll go with your realtor to the showings and start the fun in person (or virtual) process of finding your dream home.

Due Dilligence

This is most definitely the most important step in the real estate transaction process. I have direct relationships with the area's top inspectors who during the inspection period will go into the home and conduct a thorough inspection to make certain the home officially checks all of the boxes required to ensure you're engaging in an intelligent and good investment. Shortly after, the appraisal will be ordered by the lender and should be finalized on time in order for you to not have to extend closing.


You made it! The magic three words that all parties in the transaction long to hear: clear to close. It's a part of the experience! Go into the title company, sign the final papers, and receive keys to you new home!

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